Why Shaving Your Face Is Good For It!

Dermaplaning uses a surgical steel scalpel to remove dead skin & vellus hair to reveal fresh, clear skin underneath. The ultimate in anti ageing, this treatment will really surprise you!

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Rosacea - Why is it so confusing?!

Rosacea is a skin condition that confuses almost everyone that comes into contact with it! Doctors, beauty therapists and skin therapists all have conflicting views on this disorder and very different views on how to treat it.

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What's In A Name?

Therapists in my industry are called many things but I often get asked what the difference is so I thought I'd blog a quick post for you.

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The Problem with Online Sales

Yesterday I had a customer walk in wanting information about our products. Mainly our makeup. This was nothing out of the ordinary as we get a lot of interest in our mineral makeup line and we are very proud of it and do a lot of colour matching on regular clients and new, walk in customers.

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Acne 2016

In all my years of skin treatments, I've never seen such a huge amount of acne as I am seeing now. I don't know if it's because I'm getting so many referrals as word of our successful treatments spreads or if there really IS an epidemic happening out there.

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Anti Ageing -Knowledge is Power!

Does all this talk of anti ageing and products and ingredients leave you feeling more confused about your skin than ever before? Do you get concerned that all the marketing and hype over products may be just a lot of hot air? Do you have a bathroom cabinet packed full of products that you purchased on a whim then lost faith in them? If you answered YES to any of the above - you're 100% normal!!

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The Deal with IPL

IPL is something we have recently added to Skin Tone's menu and it's created a lot of business with both hair removal and skin rejuvenation.

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Nail Extensions

Nail extensions have been around for years and when I moved to Mundaring I decided that it was a service that I would like to offer my clients because I enjoyed doing them and with regular maintenance they would always look great.

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A Question Of Nails.......

10 years ago, you had a choice - acrylic or gel. And it was rare to find someone who offered both. It was even more rare to find someone good! But in the last 5 years, artificial nails have come a very long way.

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Sad People Have Sad Skin....

Why is it that when you're going through a rough patch in your life that your skin hears you and reflects it on your face? Why is it that at a time when you MOST need a game face, your body fails you and you look exactly how you feel?

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The Problem with Pigmentation...

Many women suffer from pigmentation (dark marks on the skin) at some stage of their life. It is often brought on by sun exposure but can also appear if you're under medication, have injured your skin, have had a treatment like peels or IPL, if you've been pregnant or been under severe stress.

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Antibiotics and Your Skin

It has come to my attention more and more in the last couple of months, that Doctors are treating many skin conditions with course after course of antibiotics. I've had 2 clients in the last week who have been on antibiotics for extended periods of time - in one case, 10 weeks +.

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